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Career Management

Career Management and Assistance Programs and Services includes assessment of employee skills and interests, assistance in developing job search skills and tools, job placement assistance, and career counseling in response to expressed Agency needs or individual needs. In addition, workshops and seminars to support employees' career planning and management efforts are offered. These workshops and seminars include, but are not limited to the listing below.


Full Day Sessions


Career Renewal: How to Avoid Burnout

Learn how you can begin the process of career renewal and avoid burnout by focusing on what you really want from your career. In this course, you will define "burnout" and explore factors that contribute to burnout. In addition, you will assess your own propensity for burnout and explore methods and behaviors that will help you avoid or change risk factors for burnout. You will clarify your personal values and the role they play in your career and understand career development activities that will help reduce, avoid or change the burnout you are experiencing. Finally, you will learn how to make a Career Renewal Action Plan.


Careers in Retirement: Your Next Great Opportunity

This course is designed to help you prepare for a transition into retirement and assist you with identifying a new career that is congruent with factors such as your values and interests. During this course, you will explore the emotional and psychological effects of change and transition. You will examine key trends impacting retirement and engage in a variety of self-assessment exercises that will help you consider long-range career and retirement planning options. You will also create an action plan of specific next steps.


How to Construct an Individual Development Plan

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a short-term plan for your personal and professional development. This workshop will help you understand the IDP process and the importance it has in your career. You will learn how to formulate developmental objectives through self-assessment and understand types of formal and informal training opportunities that can address your developmental needs. You will also be able to appreciate the different roles the employee, supervisor, and the career counselor play in the development of an IDP.


Strategies for Managing Your Career

Learn methods to strategically manage and advance you career by exploring the individual factors that determine career satisfaction. You will engage in self-reflection and be exposed to a variety of self-assessment tools. Explore the steps associated with developing and managing your career and understand how to best investigate career options. Understand resources and how to use tool s such as career portfolios, individual development plans, networking, informational interviewing, and mentoring to realize your goals. You will also begin to formulate specific next steps for your career development.


Stress Management

Stress has a definite impact on you in the workplace. Understanding and handling stress is essential for your career and life. This workshop will teach you how to recognize the signs of stress and understand the unique sources and symptoms of job stress. You will discuss various techniques to help you manage stress effectively and learn how to develop a personal stress reduction plan.


Using Assessment Tools in Your Career Development

During this session you will have an opportunity to jumpstart the career exploration process by completing the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), Self-Directed Search® (SDS), and a values assessment. You will learn how career sati satisfaction is connected to your personal set of values, needs, interests, skills, personality, and strengths. You will be shown how to directly link the offered assessments to career exploration and enhancement. You will also be able to follow-up with a career counselor in person, by email, or over the phone for a more in-depth interpretation of your results.


Using The MBTI to Enhance Your Career

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) is a self-assessment inventory that helps you sort and characterize your personality preferences. You will be introduced to the MBTI and review differences in the MBTI type preferences. In addition to understanding and appreciating type differences in yourself and others, you will appreciate how type impacts your career and becomes a valuable aid in helping you identify more ideal kinds of work. You will also learn how to better capitalize on your strengths and be aware of areas for potential development. (Registered workshop participants complete an online version of the MBTI prior to the session.)


Winning Interview Strategies

Gain an overview of the different types of interviews, including the behavioral interviewing approach.

You will learn the critical aspects and techniques for interviewing, strategies to address commonly asked interview questions, and how to present yourself positively and with confidence. Know about effective thank you letters and how to follow-up after interviews. You will also have the opportunity to practice interviewing and receive feedback from participants.


Writing Your Federal Resume

This workshop will show you how to write an effective federal resume, what specific information to include after analyzing a federal vacancy announcement, and the best ways to showcase your qualifications. With the federal application process moving away from essay-style questions and placing a greater emphasis on the resume, this session becomes even more critical for your career development. You will become familiar with USAJOBS to apply for jobs.


Express One-Hour Sessions


Going Back to School as a Working Adult

This session will give an overview of higher education, reasons to go back to school, and the latest trends for adult learners. It will address the challenges unique to adult learners and specific considerations for choosing a school and degree programs. This session will also discuss participants' next steps for exploring and establishing educational goals.


The Self-Directed Search: Discover the Careers That Best Match Your Interests

The Self-Directed Search (SDS) is an easy-to-use, comprehensive career exploration tool that allows you to gain insight into the world of work and, with a new self-understanding, discover an occupational match.


Managing Your Career in a New Job

The first year in a new job is critical! Learn how to maximize your potential and plan your development while also learning your new position and supervisor.


How to Write a Job Winning Federal Application

Learn how to read, decipher, and respond to federal vacancy announcements. Increase your chances of getting the job you want by highlighting your accomplishments.


Electronic Job Search

Discover the benefits of using various career-oriented websites, ways to obtain vital networking information, and how to research employers and job databases via the internet.


Career Counseling and Assistance


Career Counseling

  • We provide comprehensive, professional career counseling/advisory services for employees at all levels.

  • Provide one-on-one career counseling services.

  • Provide screening and assessment services to assist employees in identifying their career goals, transferable skills and career development needs and resources.

  • Guide the Individual Development Planning process in conjunction with the employee and the supervisor and, as appropriate, the employee's mentors and/or coaches.

  • Assist employees in preparing viable employment applications and preparing for the employment interview.

  • Conduct workshops/seminars and one-hour, brown bag "express trainings" on career and job search-related topics.


Career Assistance Center (CAC)

  • Provide reception services.

  • Schedule career counseling appointments.

  • Maintain records of counseling activities and career assistance program visits.

  • Assist clients with the use of job search tools and resources.


Executive Coaching Services

  • Provide coaching services for employees at the senior executive level.

  • Provide coaching services for participants in structured executive/managerial career development programs.

  • Assist career development program participants in the development of individual development and/or action plans, as appropriate.

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