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We can develop training to meet your requirements and specifications.

A training course must be tied to business goals and be performance-based in order to have a measureable impact. Our training delivery approach results in learner-focused performance interventions that target achievement of business goals and allow the participant to see how they are influencing business success. This focuses our efforts less on what the participant needs to know and more on what they need to do. We follow Mager’s objectives writing methodology and Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives to identify objectives and their respective assessment strategies. The purpose is to define the type of learning that will occur at the conclusion of the course and determine how learning will be assessed. To write accurate objectives, we consider the different learning domains as well as different formats for writing them.


Our Consultants are experts in the area of curriculum development. We create customized training using the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation (ADDIE) model. To begin, we identify the needs/objectives of the organization and participants to ensure that the resulting instructional program will yield the intended learning outcomes. The process we use for acquiring this information ranges from administering simple assessment forms to conducting stakeholder focus groups. The intention of the needs assessment process is twofold: a) to identify the knowledge and skills employees must possess in order to perform effectively on the job; and b) to prescribe appropriate interventions that can close the identified skills gaps. In the next step, we create a detailed plan for developing the course with consideration given to the performance objectives, course content and evaluation instruments. In the final steps of our process, the course is developed, delivered and evaluated for effectiveness in achieving the established objectives. Refer to the Instructional System Design Model below.

Custom Curriculum Development


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