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Workforce Planning

TLS has extensive experience in providing end-to-end workforce planning services for federal government agencies. In short, workforce planning consists of determining what an organization wants to accomplish in a given period of time; what knowledge, skills, and experience are required to get the job done; and how large and what type of workforce is required to provide that mix of skills, knowledge, and experience.


Instructional Design and Development

Our Instructional Design and Development methodologies and technologies are intended to design, develop, streamline, customize, and localize learning content, while leveraging existing and off-the-shelf materials. Our instructional design strategy is an iterative process of planning and developing instruction to facilitate learning using a systems-based approach. Our methods are based on research findings regarding how learning occurs with consideration to both external events of instruction and previously learned capabilities.


Instructor-led Training

Our instructional delivery methods are based on the principles of adult learning. We implement a wide-range of training modalities to accommodate the various learning styles of participants in order to achieve the intended outcomes.  Our training consultants facilitate a balanced, contemporary approach to delivering instruction. The interactive nature of experiential classroom-based activities enhances the actual transfer and retention of the subject matter and creates a ‘safe’ environment where skills can be practiced and critiqued. We provide both off-the-shelf and customized training solutions.



E-learning has continuously evolved since computers were first used in training. The trend today is to move towards a blended learning model whereby computer-based training is integrated with applied or instructor-led solutions.  Our team of experts design and develop computer-based training solutions to address specific learning needs and thus reduce the impact on the environment, enable affordable quality education, and provide convenience and flexibility to learners to increase their knowledge and skills anytime and anyplace.


Assessments and Evaluations

We employ traditional research methodologies to evaluate organizational objectives, employee performance, and skills gaps. We offer level one through level five program evaluation services. In addition, our consultants are certified to administer a variety of evaluation and assessment tools. These include: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, DiSC® Profile, Inscape Assessment, FIRO-BÒ, Career Leverage Inventory/Career Anchors and Change Style Indicator.

Assessments & Evaluations
Instructor-Led Training
Instructional Design & Development

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