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Skills Gap Analysis

The goal of any learning organization is to bridge the gap between the knowledge level of the participants and the needs of the organization; in other words, to bring into alignment the respective learning goals of each. This process must begin with an assessment of the needs and capabilities of the targeted learning audience as well as the needs of the organization, in terms of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to build job competencies and thus assure success on the job.


TLS performs workforce-planning activities to identify the current organizational skill mix and the gaps that exist between the current and future skills requirements of the organization. In conjunction with this work, we identify appropriate training interventions that will redress the skills deficiencies. We evaluate the results to ensure the needs, problems, or opportunities within the organization have been accomplished. We use cumulative data to perform an analysis, comparing the similarities, differences, and overlapping factors between the disciplines and assessment results. The outcome of this service allows senior decision makers to identify and prioritize the initiatives that should receive funding and justify projected needed expenditures for implementing those initiatives to reach the organization’s future workforce needs.

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